Bowen Family Therapy Sydney

Do you feel like you act or feel very different at different times? Behave or feel differently around different people? Or feel like a part of self is too controlling or out of control?

What is Family Therapy?

Bowen family systems theory sees families as emotionally interconnected units, where each member’s behaviour and emotions are intertwined. Despite feelings of distance, families profoundly influence each other’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Changes in one member can trigger reciprocal changes in others due to this interdependence. Symptoms or issues within a family aren’t isolated to individuals but are part of a larger emotional dynamic affecting the whole family.

Bowen Theory encompasses eight key concepts

How It Can Help

Bowen family systems theory describes the interconnectedness of family members through systems thinking. It emphasises understanding the emotional dynamics within families and how each member’s behaviour influences and is influenced by others. By recognising these patterns and interdependencies, you can gain insight into your family’s functioning and work towards healthier relationships and behaviours. Bowen’s approach involves observing and analysing family interactions, identifying recurring patterns, and exploring the emotional processes that maintain those patterns. Through this understanding, you can break free from dysfunctional dynamics and foster greater emotional maturity and autonomy within the family system.

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