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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore FAQs on our mental health services and our approach to providing support and connection.

Not necessarily. The only reason you need a referral or Mental Health Treatment Plan is to access a Medicare rebate, rather than just paying the full fee. Not all therapists are eligible for a Medicare provider number. Without a Medicare provider number, a therapist cannot claim the Medicare rebate. With this in mind, it might be helpful to think about why you are seeking professional support, as your reason and chosen practitioner may not need a Medicare provider number to provide the relevant support that you are seeking.

A Mental Health Treatment Plan (previously known as a ‘mental health care plan’) is a plan that a doctor completes with you. It is best to book a long doctors appointment for this, as it takes time for the doctor to discuss and complete the plan with you. There are three doctors that can write a Mental Health Treatment Plan, they are a GP, psychiatrist or a paediatrician. The plan identifies what type of health care you need and spells out what you and your doctor have agreed you are aiming to achieve.

The MHTP provides up to 10 individual sessions in a calendar year. Your referring doctor will assess your progress after the first six sessions. You can also access up to 10 group therapy sessions in a calendar year where such services are available and seen as appropriate by your referring doctor.

The Medicare Safety Net is the dollar amount you need to reach in the gap/out of pocket costs to be eligible for a higher Medicare benefit. This means you’ll get more money back from Medicare for certain Medicare services (GP, counselling, psychiatrist, etc.) once you reach your Medicare Safety Net. Medicare rebates/Safety may change. Please refer here for up-to-date figures.

Concessional and Family Tax Benefit Part A Medicare Safety Net = $770.30

General / Family Medicare Safety Net = $2414.00

The sessional cost will vary from therapist to therapist. The sessional cost and the Medicare rebate will also vary depending on the length of the session. You can review Medicare rebates here. These rebates may change with time. Below are correct as of July 2023.

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (50+mins session) $81.90

Clinical Psychologist (50+mins session) $136.35

Occupational Therapist (20+mins) $58.00

Psychiatrist (45+mins session) $217.05

Registered Psychologist (50+mins session) $92.90