Connecting Mental Health was founded by Jono Derkenne, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 15 years experience.

Growing up in regional New South Wales and working and living in major cities, Jono has observed systemic flaws and gaps within Australia’s mental health landscape. Connecting Mental Health was conceived to address these issues by creating a centralised platform to directly connect clients and therapists, and to help simplify and educate about different therapy approaches.
As the demand for mental health support continues to grow, Connecting Mental Health is committed to serving a diverse range of needs through counselling that encompasses prevention, recovery, healing and acute assessment.

Our primary focus is on supporting rural and regional clients and therapists and fostering connections across Australia. We are dedicated to providing best-practice, evidence-based treatments and ensuring access to quality care, regardless of your location.

Connecting Mental Health is an online platform to introduce and educate people on different counselling approaches.

Here, we give you the opportunity to learn specific counselling techniques through summaries, short videos, activities, and counselling approach questionnaires. Connecting Mental Health will build your self-awareness, learn different ways of viewing self, prepare you to engage in appropriate therapy, and connect with a therapist via our therapist profile pages.
Whether you are just beginning your mental health journey or seeking a new approach, Connecting Mental Health can benefit all. We are convenient, use everyday language, and are always available whenever you are ready to access, explore, and seek support.
We wish you all the best on your mental health journey.