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Australian Online Therapy & Mental Health Promotion

Providing clients with knowledge on diverse evidence-based therapies while simplifying access to both local and national therapists who practice these evidence-based methods.

Promoting best-practice therapists. Our nationwide marketing strategies spotlight your expertise, attracting clients seeking your specific therapeutic approach.

Connecting Mental Health introduces and educates on different counselling styles in a central place. Here you’ll find all the mental health resources and support which align with your needs. 


Whether you're starting your mental health journey or looking for a fresh approach, Connecting Mental Health is beneficial for everyone and accessible whenever you're ready to access, explore, and seek support.

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Connecting Mental Health: Bridging Gaps in Mental Health Support & Education

Connecting Mental Health was established by therapists observing the hurdles individuals face accessing quality mental health support and the fragmented landscape of mental health education and resources. 

Connecting Mental Health is an online platform to introduce and educate people on different counselling approaches. Here, we give you the opportunity to learn specific counselling techniques through summaries, short videos, activities, and counselling approach questionnaires.  

We wish you all the best on your mental health journey.

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Finding the Right Therapy to Suit Your Unique Needs

We are all unique beings, which should be celebrated. Because of our beautiful uniqueness and past experiences, we connect and identify differently with words, concepts, and language. 


This is one of the major reasons we may connect more with one therapy approach than another. 


We encourage you to explore the different therapy types and see which you connect with to orient the next steps on your mental health journey.

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