Annabel Igoe

Annabel Igoe

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

Annabel (She/Her) is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (BSW, MSW), Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher.


Annabel (She/Her) is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (BSW, MSW), Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher of Irish descent who is privileged to live and practice on Gadigal land. She brings ten years of professional experience working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances. Annabel offers therapy for anyone experiencing challenges with managing their mental health, emotions, relationships, grief, memories from the past, finding direction in life, drug/alcohol use and more. She provides a safe space to set and work on whatever intentions someone might have for their life in any realm including mental, emotional, social, career and spiritual._ _ _Annabel has a Masters degree in counselling and draws from her education in Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and polyvagal theory/nervous system work. She also has over 15 years of daily yoga and meditation study and practice. Annabel is committed to ongoing learning and evolving as a therapist and as a human! _ Annabel has worked extensively in culturally and linguistically diverse communities both in Australia and in South Asia. She is particularly passionate about working with young adults experiencing the impacts of trauma and the complexities of trying to navigate an increasingly unstable world. Annabel works from a healing-focussed, person-centred perspective, always honouring the wisdom people have about their own lives and what is of value to them. She endeavours to work from an anti-oppressive, intersectional feminist framework._ _ Some things that Annabel considers important in therapy are: - Having a safe, private, non-threatening space where change happens at your own pace. - Feeling heard and understood by the therapist, acknowledging the impact that forces outside yourself can have on you. - Understanding how the human body and mind responds to stress and learning to apply that wisdom in daily life. - Approaching whatever feelings or actions are showing up with lots of curiosity and compassion. - Setting flexible goals...with the option to throw them out the window. - Setting time aside to deeply reflect and look for knowledge within oneself, and - Finding ways to open space for new ways of being in the world.

Therapy Types

Schema Therapy,Internal Family Systems,DBT,Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Client Groups



Counsellor/caseworker with Speak Out Dual Diagnosis team at Weave Youth and Community Services, Waterloo (2017-2020). Annabel provided trauma-informed, holistic counselling and casework interventions to young people aged 12-28 experiencing challenges with alcohol and/or drug use and mental health. _ Yoga and meditation teacher (2010-present) _ Social Work Officer at Nepal School of Social Work, Kathmandu, Nepal (2015) _ Caseworker with Australian Red Cross' Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme (2013-15), providing holistic, trauma-informed casework and advocacy for people seeking asylum in the Sydney community

Areas of Interest

Annabel is interested in anyone who wants to take some time out to reflect, learn, explore, grow, and heal. Her areas of specialisation include LGBTQIA+, identity, relationships, grief and loss, post-traumatic healing and growth, depression and anxiety, social justice, spirituality, personal development, managing addictive thoughts/actions, managing self-harm and suicidal ideation._


Bachelor in Social Work (UNSW, 2012) Master in Social Work Counselling (UNSW, 2018) Accredited Yoga Teacher (200 hours, Power Living Australia, 2010)

Appointment Information

Availability: Monday - Friday 9-5pm Appointment Type: In Person,Telehealth Location: 416 Abercrombie St, Darlington, NSW 2008