ACT Therapy Sydney

Do you struggle ruminating on negative thoughts? Can’t seem to unhook from past negative experiences or beliefs about self?

How it can help?

Letting go of the struggle with difficult emotions

Instead of trying to fight or avoid your feelings, ACT teaches you to accept them as a normal part of life.

Living a life guided by your values

ACT helps you identify what’s truly important to you and commit to taking action towards those things, even when it’s difficult.

Increasing psychological flexibility

ACT helps you become more adaptable to life’s challenges and bounce back from setbacks.

Psychological flexibility is about living a life guided by your values.

This summary outlines six core processes that can help you achieve this

Key Practices

Mindfulness and meditation practice are key tools in ACT. Mindfulness grounds us in the present moment, providing the space to watch our thoughts or emotions come and go without judgment. Through this practice, we can see how we tend to “hook” onto or “unhook” from our feelings and thoughts, often getting caught up in unhelpful patterns.

Developing the Skill of Mindfulness

t’s important to remember that mindfulness is a skill that takes time and consistent effort to develop. Like learning to play an instrument, the most important part is ongoing practice. Meditation serves as a training ground to strengthen your mindfulness muscle for use throughout daily life. There are many different mindfulness techniques available, such as focusing on your breath, body scan meditations, or mindful walking.

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