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Somatic Therapy Sydney

Noticing internal pain, discomfort that medicine can't explain?

How can it help?

Somatic psychotherapy is an umbrella terms for therapies that focus on the mind-body connections. The term 'somatic' means realting to the body.

Somiatic therapies focus on connecting a person's mind and body to apply psychotherapy and physical therapies. Somatic therapise theories that our body holds and expresses experiences and emotions, and traumatic events or unresolved emotional issues that can become 'trapped' inside. By releasing these bodily sensations, a smotic therapist works towards healing trauma from the inside out.

What to expect?

A somatic therapist helps you release damaging, pent up emotions in your body by using various mind-body techniques. There are many different techniques, for exampe breathwork, body movements, hypnosis and acupressure. Other techniques can include:

  • Body awareness, which helps you recognise thension spots in the body as well as conjure calming thoughts.

  • Pendulation, which guides you from a relaxed state to emtions similar to past traumatic experinces and then back to a relaxed state.

  • Titration, which guides you througha traumatic memory while noting any accomanying physical sensations and addressing them in real time.

  • Resourcing, which helps you recall resources in your life that promote feelings of calm and safety, such as special others or places.

Watch Somatic Grounding video (8mins) from John Hopkins Medicine

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