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Are You a Therapist looking to expand your referral and promotion networks?  

Connecting Mental Health is your ally in achieving professional success. Here's what we offer:

1.     Nationwide Marketing: We understand that therapists need support to focus on what they do best—helping people. Our nationwide marketing strategies spotlight your expertise, attracting clients seeking your specific therapeutic approach.

2.     Streamlined Practice Management: Connecting Mental Health streamlines the booking process. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing quality care to your clients.

3.     Community and Collaboration: Join a thriving community of therapists dedicated to enhancing mental health. Exchange knowledge, insights, and experiences to continually improve your practice.

Join the Connect Mental Health platform today, where clients find their path to healing, therapists expand their impact, and together we create a world where mental wellness knows no boundaries.

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Fill out the form, upload a photo, and submit using the link below.

If you decide to take bookings directly through our website, Connecting Mental Health collects 12% of session cost with the therapist paid the remaining.

10% of our profits 2023-2024 going to I am me foundation

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