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Art Therapy Sydney

Have you tried different talking therapy and feel you haven’t progressed? Or you struggle with vocalising your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Perhaps Art Therapy is the approach for you.

How can it help?

Art Therapy originates from the belief that self-expression through artistic creation has therapeutic value for healing or seeking a deeper understanding of ourselves and our behaviours. Art Therapy involves using creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, or sculpting to help people express themselves and examine the psychological and emotional positions in their art.

What to expect?

Art Therapy can be used with individuals, couples, and groups. No artistic talent or experience is needed to engage with Art Therapy. It's being open, non-judgemental, and willing to participate.

The first session will consist of talking to the therapist about why you want to find help and learning what the therapist offers. Together, you will devise a plan that involves creating some form of artwork. Once you begin creating, the therapist may sometimes observe your process as you work without interference.

When you have finished a piece of artwork or, in some cases, while you are still working on it, the therapist will ask you questions along the lines of how you feel about the artistic process, what was easy or difficult about creating your artwork, and what thoughts or memories you may have had while you were working. Generally, the therapist will ask about your experience and feelings before providing any observations.

EXERCISE (15mins)

1. Place a piece of paper and hanve a pencil, or pen in front of you.

2. Close your eyes and take some deep breathes all the way in and all the way out. Focus on grounding youself in this moment. Attempt to remove the outside world and try focusing just on self. Taking some time to notice your thoughts and feelings you are experiencing right now in this moment.

3. Open your eyes and picking up the pencil or pen with, or without looking at the paper draw out the dominant thoughts / feeling you are experiencing right now. Try not analysing / judging self, just draw and keep drawing.

4. After 5-10mins place the pencil, pen down. Sit back and take in the artwork, like you at a museum.


How does your artwork make you feel now?

Do you have the same thought / feeling as you did when you strated to draw?

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